About Me

My name is Siegfried Schneider, born 1952 in Dresden, where I still live up to.

Since the 10. Years I deal with chickens and pigeons; first intersection with Dove, then with pigeons. In 1967 I entered the race poultry farmers association Weissig and environment e. In. at. My work began with Hessian breeders pouters in black and blue brindle and Strasser without binding. Then were joined by dwarf- Sussex silver gray to. The large Australorp in black color stroke replaced the dwarfs and the Cropper. With this race, I had very good success on big shows and local shows. 1986 I became International Champion of the former Comecon- States(Eastern States) in Sofia, Bulgaria. By the year 1994 I bred Australorps. From 1995 joined the Strassern the first show to Racer. The first animals I got from a friend breeding Friedel Bossenmeyer, supported me very. 1996 as the special association of the show I was this racer was founded in. The following year I was on the breeding of Strasser and 1999 came as the second race nor the King doves, now in the blue- Hammered and rotfahl- Hammered together with the racer in blue show m. schw. Bind, blue- beaten, blue- dark hammered and rotfahl- hammered populate the aviary.

The home club I am a board member and exhibition director for the county and club scene.

I was in the Dresden district association 20 Years 2. Chairman and from 2009 Waiting in the ring circle Association.

Breeding friend

Siegfried Schneider