Breeders Circle of KV – Dresden


On 13.04.2013 found u in the clubhouse of RGZV Weissig. Surroundings of Dresden instead of CT Kreiszüchtertag. There KV – Board could 88 Welcome participants, among them 8 Members of the Urban Community of Bielefeld, the 3 Lingered for days in Dresden. Their 1. Chairman Wilfried Detering acknowledged in his opening speech, since 1996 its existing partnership with the Urban Community District Association Dresden as an example of a long-standing friendship breeders.

He recalled the numerous mutual exchange of visitors and the breeding community projects, of which our contacts were characterized in recent years.

Also 1. President of the District Association Dresden, Uwe Beer, welcomed the participants and wished for the future good cooperation. Report on the activities of the KV – Board last year was from its 1. Chairman Dietmar Dietze stored.

The Kreiszüchtertag ended late in the evening in a relaxed atmosphere with music and dance.

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For meritorious members of the associations of CT Dresden numerous awards were made.

For 50-year membership:  Horst Kuehne
Ehrennadel Landes Mortgage Gold:  Mirko mouth and Roland Eichler

As district champion of the exhibition season 2012/2013 were awarded:

Great- and water fowl:    
1. Heiko turner white dwarf ducks
2. Heiko Drechsler Call ducks grobgescheckt- partridge
3. Arndt Trepte Rouen- Duck, partridge

1. Heiko turner Brahma yellow- black columbia
2. Erich Naumann Rhinelander black
3. Siegfried Pigorsch Dresden brown

Urzwerge and dwarf fighter:           
1. Daniel Jakob Church- Shamo  gold- wheaten 
2. Dietmar Dietze dwarf- Cochin cuckoo
3. Martin Hummig German Bantams orangehalsig

Verzwergte races:                   
1. Werner Beautiful dwarf- Wyandotte Silver- black-lined 
2. Stefan Rump dwarf- Sussex braun- porcelain color
3. Eberhard Schneider dwarf- Dresdner white

Form- and giant pigeons:              
1. Siegfried Schneider show blue racer m. schw. Bind
2. Siegfried Schneider Show Racer Blue- beaten
3. Arndt Trepte Strasser black

1. Siegfried Schneider King pigeons rotfahl- dark hammered
2. Frank Zeise German. Modena Schietti blauhellsch.-lined
3. Horst Kuehne German. Gazza Modeneser Blau o. Bind

Color, Drum- Warts and pigeons:
1. Joerg Kuehne Saxon. Wing doves m. Round hood with black w. Bind
2.Dr. Hartmut George Steinheimer Bagdetten pale yellow- beaten
3. Mario Trepte Luzerner Goldkragen bindig

Craw, Structure- and Tümmlertauben:                        
1. Wilfried Bergmann curly white doves
2. Manfred Beyer Oriental white scooter
3. Fritz Mißbach Voor Burger Schildkröpfer red

Youth Champion- Pigeons:                
1. Erik Kuehne Saxon. Wing doves with red hood scoop w. Bind
2. Paul Jakob Sächs. Kröpfer Blau m. schw. bind

Dresden, 13.04.2013                                                                       
                                             1. Chairman Dietmar Dietze
                                             1. Secretary Dr. Hartmut George